Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat is gluten free grain, despite having wheat in its name. It is heavier grain, making it harder to create fluffiness.  However, there are many benefits to eating buckwheat.  It is an excellent source of fiber which feeds our gut microbiome.  It has vitamins such as copper, manganese and magnesium which provided in food versions are easier for the body to absorb.  I use buckwheat to make pancakes and muffins.

My children have grown up eating buckwheat pancakes.  They believed for a long time pancakes were always supposed to look brown, not the golden colored served in restaurants. I started using Buckwheat after my youngest son was diagnosed with his multiple food allergies. I opted to use a full grain rather than some mix because I could control the ingredients and it tasted better.  Here is the recipe I have used for years.

Ingredients:1 cup Buckwheat flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill or Arrowhead)¾ cup milk (vegan milk or any animal milk)¼ cup avocado oil or olive oil2 tbsp. honey1 tbsp. vanilla (you can use less but I find with gluten free cooking, more is better)¼ tsp baking soda1 egg or egg replacement (I used Bob’s red mill or flax powder ½ tsp)

Mix honey and oil until combined.  Then mix in milk and vanilla, and combine well.  Add the egg and stir for another minute.  Adding these ingredients slowly helps with the rise. Yes, you can just throw them in there but the pancakes will be flatter.  Then add the baking soda and half the flour.  Mix well and then add the remaining flour.  If the batter looks thick, just add more milk to make it easier to pour. Pour in the pan and cook at a low temperature, especially if they are vegan.  The egg replacements take longer to “gel” the food so cook low and slow.  If using a regular egg, cook at the temperature you normally would use.   Spread butter or vegan butter once cooked and enjoy.  I don’t use any maple syrup in mine since they are already sweetened with honey.

This makes 10 small 3 inch pancakes.  If you need to make more, add more buckwheat and milk.  Once you are past 1.5cups of buckwheat, you probably need to add more of all the other ingredients.  This recipe can be used during the elimination diet, core diet, detox diet, gluten free diet, allergy free diet and Mediterranean diet.



Millet Pancakes

I started using millet flour to change my pancake routine and fell in love with them.  I really like the sweet, nutty flavor of millet.  My kids like them but they complain they are dry when I make them vegan.  The pancakes are better with egg than the egg replacement, so, I will give you some adjustments if you are planning to make them vegan.

Prep Time 10 minutes.  Cook Time 10 minutes


1 ¼ cup millet flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill)1 cup milk (may need 2 more tbsp. if making vegan pancakes.  Milk can be animal or plant source)¼ cup oil (I use avocado oil or olive oil)2 tbsp. honey1 tbsp. vanilla (you can use less but I think gluten free cooking is bland)¼ tsp baking soda1 egg or 1 egg replacement (I use Bob’s Red Mill)

Mix the honey and oil, then add vanilla and the egg.  Use ½ cup milk and mix.  Then add ½ cup millet flour and baking soda, mix well.  Then add the remaining milk and flour mixing well.  Place in pancake pan or frying pan that is heated (use oil if your pan requires it).  Cook at low temperature until golden brown.  When you see lots of small holes on the pancakes, flip them.  Cook a few minutes on the other side and remove.  Spread butter or vegan butter and enjoy.  I think they are sweet and do not require maple syrup but my kids love maple syrup on them!  This recipe can be used during the elimination diet, detox diet, Mediterranean diet, gluten free diet, allergy free diets and vegetarian diets.  Millet provides fiber, magnesium and phosphorus.  This makes 14-15 small 3 inch pancakes.