There are so many benefits to using magnesium, but many patients are overwhelmed by the different options…

There are several different forms of magnesium, each with its unique properties and uses.

  • Magnesium Citrate: This form of magnesium is commonly used as a laxative to treat constipation. It is highly bioavailable and absorbed well by the body. It may also have benefits for promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. I generally recommend Pure Encapsulations or Calm (over the counter) for kids and adults. 

  • Magnesium Glycinate: This form of magnesium is bound to the amino acid glycine, which can enhance its absorption and bioavailability. It is commonly used to support muscle relaxation, improve sleep quality, and reduce anxiety. For this I recommend Pure Encapsulations or Seeking Health powder. 

  • Magnesium Malate: This form of magnesium is bound to malic acid, which can enhance its absorption and bioavailability. Malate is a substrate of the Kreb cycle in the mitochondria and this form may be beneficial for individuals with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, as malic acid is involved in energy production. Brand recommendation: Designs for Health Mag Malate.

  • Magnesium Threonate: This form of magnesium is unique in that it can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain. It has been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and learning. For this, I recommend Neuro Mag. 

  • Magnesium Oxide: This form of magnesium is less bioavailable than other forms and may have a laxative effect. It is not absorbed well and thus used as a laxative or bowel cleanse product. It will not help with magnesium replacement. I generally do not recommend this to my patients. 

  • Magnesium Orotate: May be particularly beneficial for individuals with heart conditions, as it has been shown to improve cardiac function, reduce inflammation, and improve exercise tolerance. It may also have a positive impact on blood pressure and lipid profiles. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, magnesium orotate may also have other health benefits, such as improving energy levels, reducing muscle pain and cramps, and supporting bone health.

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