Brain on Fire: An Integrative Approach to Mental Health

Mental Health group visits are for adults and teens 13+ with mild to moderate mental health issues. This program is not about managing symptoms; it’s about understanding the complex interplay between biology, environment, trauma, nutrition, and lifestyle that shape our mental well-being.

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This three-month program includes weekly sessions alternating between Dr. Patel, a functional medicine dietitian, and holistic psychotherapist Dr. Kellie Kirksey, who combine their medical expertise with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. Through a blend of personalized assessments, evidence-based interventions, nutritional guidance, mindfulness practices, and community support, we offer a holistic roadmap toward lifelong mental well-being. You will learn mind-body skills through a variety of modalities, including breath work, progressive relaxation, visual imagery, meditation, movement, art, and music to calm the nervous system and decrease the response to stress and possible past traumas.

All participants are encouraged to have laboratory testing done to review during this group experience. During the last session, Dr. Patel will review lab results. Advanced functional medicine testing is offered to those interested.

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