NeurOptimal® is a dynamical neurofeedback device designed to support the brain’s natural training processes, encouraging it to function as intended. Neurofeedback can assist the patient in facilitating the brain’s natural tendency toward self-regulation, resilience and flexibility. (

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There are many reasons I recommend neurofeedback for my patients:

  1. Leveraging Your Innate Ability to Heal: Dynamical neurofeedback leverages neuroplasticity to enable the brain to heal itself. Just as our bodies have an innate ability to recover, our brains also possess this natural wisdom. By enhancing the brain’s and body’s capabilities, we can facilitate this intrinsic healing process more effectively.
  2. Medication-Free Approach: An effective, non-medication approach for ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, stress, and the optimization of both physical and mental performance. I see many patients with these issues, and being able to provide an alternative, especially for children, that can result in long-term improvement is important to me as a physician and a mother.
  3. Cognition & Memory: Many leading neurologists recommend neurofeedback as another mechanism to optimize brain health. Studies show that neurofeedback may prevent memory and cognition issues.
  4. Head Trauma: are a common issue for many of my patients. Head traumas can alter brain processing, and neurofeedback is one of many non-medication alternatives that can calm the body and help with processing and healing.
  5. Sleep disorders: Neurofeedback can contribute to more restorative and refreshing sleep by teaching the brain to achieve a more balanced and calm state.
  6. Stress Management: Many patients struggle with ongoing stress in their lives, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Neurofeedback can calm the body, allowing for better regulation of mood and health.
  7. Performance Anxiety: Neurofeedback has been studied for sports performance and is often used by many executives to improve performance.
  8. Chronic Pain: Chronic pain often leads to rapid and repeated responses by pain fibers in the brain, spine, and body. Many of my patients with pain find neurofeedback to be a calming experience that helps diminish their discomfort.

What to Expect:

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, painless experience. Most patients find the sessions relaxing, though there are various emotional responses to neurofeedback. The specific emotional experiences can vary from person to person and may change over the course of treatment.

When you arrive for your appointment, our team will ensure your comfort as they place small electrodes on your ears and scalp to monitor your brain activity. We apply a mild paste to these areas to optimize conductivity. During the session, music and a video will play—though watching the video is entirely optional. If you prefer, you can keep your eyes closed throughout the session. Each session typically lasts around 35 minutes.

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