Our Post-COVID group is designed for adults aged 18 and above experiencing mild to moderate post-COVID symptoms. Note: For individuals with severe symptoms, Dr. Patel recommends an individual appointment. This comprehensive three-month program is designed to support participants in their journey towards optimal health and healing. Weekly sessions alternate between Dr. Patel, a functional medicine dietitian, and a functional medicine health coach, providing a holistic and collaborative approach to recovery. Throughout the program, participants will gain valuable insights into managing and overcoming post-COVID symptoms.

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Topics covered include strategies for immune system support, nutritional approaches for recovery, lifestyle modifications to enhance resilience, and effective stress management techniques. All participants are encouraged to undergo laboratory testing. In the final session,

Dr. Patel will review the lab results from a functional medicine perspective, ensuring that participants receive tailored guidance based on their unique health profile. Advanced functional medicine testing is highly encouraged. This advanced testing option allows for a more detailed exploration of individual health markers, enabling a targeted and personalized approach to post-COVID recovery. Participants can not only gain knowledge about managing their symptoms but also receive practical tools and support for a comprehensive recovery journey tailored to their specific needs.