Every child deserves a healthy start to life. If you’re planning to start or expand your family, consider the many benefits of the preconception services available at Healing Family Functional Medicine. Seema Patel, MD, MPH, IFMCP, takes a holistic approach to optimizing your hormone levels and enhancing your fertility. Dr. Patel also focuses on reducing your risk factors for complications that can arise from exposure to environmental toxins. Call the Pepper Pike, Ohio, office to schedule a preconception consultation or book an appointment online today.

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What is preconception?

The preconception services at Healing Family Function Medicine focus on holistic strategies that improve a woman’s health before pregnancy.

Dr. Patel follows the functional medicine principles of nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle to optimize your health. She also provides services to identify environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, mold, and pesticides, that can affect your and your baby’s health.

Through holistic preconception care, Dr. Patel helps you and your family enjoy the journey of bringing a new child into the world in the healthiest, safest way.

She also provides a First 1,000 Days of Life program that addresses you and your baby’s health care needs from the first day of conception to the end of the second year of your baby’s life, as well as comprehensive pediatric care for children of all ages.

Why should I consider preconception care?

You should schedule a preconception consultation at Healing Family Functional Medicine if you’re planning to conceive in the near future. Dr. Patel recommends starting your preconception appointments at least one year before trying to become pregnant. You may need to start care even sooner if you or your partner have a chronic disease.

Dr. Patel’s functional medicine expertise can lower your and your baby’s risk for complications that can develop from exposure to environmental toxins. Toxins can transfer into the placenta and breast milk and lead to:

  • Asthma
  • Autism
  • Food allergies
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Environmental toxins can also increase risk factors for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Additionally, toxins can affect the quality of a man’s sperm and decrease their fertility. This can make conception of a healthy, viable pregnancy difficult for some couples.

What preconception services are available?

Healing Family Functional Medicine offers a range of holistic services to support fertility and healthy pregnancies, including:

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Hormone optimization
  • Gut microbiome testing
  • Stress management strategies
  • Environmental toxin testing

Dr. Patel can work with you as an individual, a couple, or as a whole family unit. She personalizes a care plan to maximize the function of your gut, hormones, immunity, and neurological health before conception while lowering your family’s exposure to environmental toxins in the home and your diet.

Call Healing Family Functional Medicine to schedule a preconception consultation or book an appointment online today.

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