“As your patient, I feel I’ve been enrolled in an advanced tutorial about health. You’ve introduced me to the exciting possibilities of Functional Medicine. Working with you has been a privilege and has made many aspects of my life possible again. I’m deeply grateful.”

“I am progressing well and want to keep on top of things that reduce my risk for Alzheimer’s, heart disease and have healthy aging. You have guided me through so much. I know there are many doctors out there, but I would like to work with you!”
SM- Arizona

“Thank you for your wonderful care and your kindness. I have felt miserable for many years with my chronic fatigue and severe brain fog. I have seen many conventional, integrative and functional physicians in the past. I have never improved but under your care, I have made the greatest improvement in my health. Thank you for all that you have done. I am deeply grateful.”

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for my son and my family. You have taught us so much on how to live better and believed in me when I did not believe in myself. I cannot say enough about you. Thank you for everything.
– Will Jackson

I’ve been looking for a doctor like her for a decade. Right from the first moment she was being able to diagnose certain things just by couple questions as if she is a magician! Such a genuine and caring human. Very personable, you don’t even feel like you have an appointment with a doctor. Always lifts your mood up and have a smile on her face. I am forever grateful for her being able to figure out my issue, when other doctors couldn’t for years.
Viktoriya A.

The depth of knowledge and solution based care is incomparable. I felt heard and came away with a plan that I could start immediately.
Karen B.

After describing my symptoms to Dr Patel, she asked pertinent follow up questions which enabled her to make a diagnosis, which was confirmed by ordering the appropriate lab work. Now I can begin treatment and recovery.
Chris B.

Our family has been working with Dr. Patel for several years now. She is very knowledgeable, nonjudgmental and compassionate. She keeps up with the latest research and has good common sense. She always tries to come up with practical solutions and is enjoyable to work with. She has our best interest at heart and we trust her with our family health. She is also great at recommending other great doctors if there is a need.
Tatjana Z.

I’ve worked with Dr. Patel for 3 years now. All of my concerns that had gone unheard by previous doctors were not only heard, they were addressed. I’ve recommended her to several friends. She’s the answer for all of us who have mystery illnesses that people dismiss.
Jennifer R.

I truly appreciate the time taken to discuss my concerns and possible solutions. Dr. Patel listened attentively and offered easy to understand explanations for what she suspects is going on. I know it will take time to see results but I am optimistic about my next steps.
Regina C.

Dr. Patel has helped me navigate medical concerns over the years and she is always knowledgeable about integrating emerging approaches to assist with care.
Jennifer S.

Working with Dr. Patel feels as if working with a research team of five! With all her background, she has an extraordinarily comprehensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the human body. She can successfully hypothesize what the body is possibly doing to help itself return to its most stable state; to heal! Acknowledging the body’s inner knowledge and the organism’s primordial drive to heal itself, she presents you with the most essential scientific knowledge, but on top of that, also encourages you to “listen” to your body which is so cool. – You’ll love her metaphors around the microbiome! As with most of the successful therapies, she doesn’t focus on what one would like to get rid of, but instead on what “goodness” one would like to populate (and the rest will be taken care of). Observing Dr. Patel’s style of professionalism has been very inspiring to me as a composer, as well. One can sense her desire to create real change by helping others, not only from her focus at the highest level, but also the compassion and care that’s emitting out of her. I’ve been extremely lucky to have her as my doctor; a level of excellence that’s incomparable to any other!
Esin G.

Dr. Patel is kind and genuine. She is extremely knowledgeable about health issues and always knows exactly what tests to run and how to treat various symptoms/problems. She takes the time to listen and treat vs. just telling you what you should do and you don’t get a chance to talk. It is always a pleasure working with her.
Jo Ann W.