Choosing balance over burnout while improving patient outcomes.   As a physician, I have always been passionate about providing quality care to my patients. However, while working for a large hospital system was rewarding, I found myself longing for more autonomy in my practice. I wanted to be able to provide personalized care to my patients, to take a more holistic approach to treatment, and to have the freedom to try new and innovative therapies.

That’s why I decided to start Healing Family Functional Medicine. By doing so, I have been able to create a space where I am in control of the care I provide. I am no longer limited by the bureaucracy of a massive healthcare system, and I can take the time to get to know my patients and understand their unique needs.

One of the biggest advantages of having a private practice is that I get to spend more time with my patients. In a hospital or clinic setting, appointments are often rushed, with doctors having little time to really listen to their patients.

While practicing with my previous organization, the length of our appointments were reduced, giving us less and less time to assess the patient. They regularly wanted more and more patients added, requiring physians to start early, stay late, or pick up hours on their days off. It felt like a conveyor belt; get as many patients in and out as quickly as possible.

Maybe this model works for other departments, but Functional Medicine is supposed to be different. We’re the specialists you turn to when you feel unheard. When you’ve tried everything else but haven’t gotten better. How can we achieve results if we’re pushing you out the door? In my practice, I can finally take the time to sit and talk with my patients, build a rapport and gain a deeper understanding of their health concerns and root cause.

Another benefit is that I can provide more personalized care. In a hospital or clinic, treatment plans are often standardized, with little room for deviation from the norm. But in my practice, I can tailor my approach to each patient’s needs. I can try new therapies, explore alternative medicines, and experiment with different treatment modalities to find what works best for each individual. This allows me to make decisions that are in the patient’s best interest, free of the seemingly neverending policies and procedures that control large healthcare organizations.

Starting a private practice was not an easy decision, and it involved a lot of hard work and dedication. But the benefits have more than made up for the challenges. I feel more fulfilled in my work, my work/life balance is finally in harmony, and my patients feel more cared for and valued. It’s been a truly rewarding experience.


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