Our Women’s health group offers a specialized and inclusive approach to address the unique concerns of women in a safe and respectful setting. This comprehensive three-month program is designed to empower and educate women on various aspects of their health. The program comprises once-weekly sessions, alternating between Dr. Patel, a functional medicine dietitian, and a functional medicine health coach.

Throughout the sessions, our participants will delve into a wealth of knowledge aimed at enhancing their understanding of functional medicine and its application to women’s health. Topics covered include hormonal balance, nutritional strategies tailored to women’s needs, lifestyle modifications, and effective stress management techniques.

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This program emphasizes empowering women to take an active role in their health journey. Participants will learn how to integrate functional medicine principles into their daily lives to reach sustainable habits for long-term wellness. During the final session, participants will have the opportunity to review their individualized lab results through a functional medicine lens with Dr. Patel. This personalized approach ensures that each participant gains insights into their unique health profile and receives guidance on optimization.

Advanced functional medicine testing is available. This additional layer of testing provides a more comprehensive understanding of individual health markers, allowing for targeted and personalized interventions. By participating in the Functional Medicine Women’s Health group, women will not only gain valuable knowledge but also acquire practical tools to navigate their health journey with confidence!

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